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Call +48 501 303 036

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    How does it work?

    The innovative e-SafeBike project consists in the possibility of safe storage of bicycles, scooters (own or municipal), as well as larger vehicles, such as scooters. Garage boxes are based on a modular system, which means that you can choose as many boxes as you currently need for your space, and then add more boxes at any time. One box holds one means of transport and is available from the mobile application by booking.

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    e-SafeBike is a new dimension of comfort and safety. Thanks to a dedicated mobile application, the facility is available immediately! The boxes are equipped with monitoring to which you have direct access - you gain control over the storage infrastructure. Our mission is to create modern, universal and easy-to-use solutions that respond to the emerging needs of the environment. Place safe garage boxes in various locations and create a network for comfortable movement in the city!

    3 steps of using instructions

    1. Download our app and register.
    2. Find a safe garage box convenient for you and book it.
    3. Park your two-wheeler. Ready!

    Benefits of e-safeBike

    What are we guided by?

    In the era of dynamically developing technologies and amenities, we focus on innovations that increase the comfort of our lives, being in harmony with the natural environment around us. We believe that the e-SafeBike project will increase the number of people who, without fear of e.g. bicycle theft, will choose an ecological mode of transport. We also make sure that safe garage boxes meet the requirements related to the location and remain in aesthetic harmony with the architectural surroundings of the urban space.

    For whom was the project created?