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How does it work?
We offer a modern and secure storage solution for bicycles, motor scooters or scooters
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Find out why it is worth using our offer
Support sustainable transport
In terms of the approach to cyclists and bicycle infrastructure, Polish cities have transformed in a truly revolutionary way.
Join the growing community that supports cyclists.
Provide your customers with the availability of places to safely store theirs, or
city bike.
Our system will allow us to offer our customers a safe place to go storage of two-wheelers.
It is an innovative way of storing bikes, providing protection against theft and external factors.
The safety and simplicity of the solution mean that users will be more willing to use this form of leaving, for example, a bicycle.
A dedicated application and secured and monitored direct access on demand means that everyone has control over the storage infrastructure.
The system is prepared in such a way as to enable flexible borrowing.
You can configure the activity to set an hourly or daily period.
It all depends on the nature, location and your idea of using secure garage boxes.
Park faster with our app !
Enjoy your bike ride around town
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    Once you have registered, you can find a locker convenient for you and book it
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New parking experience
Our bicycle lockers are offered as individual projects, therefore we can adapt their design to both modern and historic locations. We implement the project in such a way that it meets the requirements related to its location taking into account its immediate architectural surroundings. Using the e-safeBike bicycle parking solution, you will enhance the image of the urban or housing estate space.
For whom
The e-safeBike solution is dedicated to a broad market. For local authorities, property managers, housing associations, education facilities, shopping and transport centres, as well as for entrepreneurs creating their own parking brand for single track vehicles. Our solutions will complement your space.
Bicycle lockers
The e-safeBike is a modular system. It is available as a set of modularly arranged lockers, or “boxes”. One locker holds a space for one bicycle, scooter or motor scooter. Compose as you wish! You can choose as many lockers for your space as you need now, and then add more at any time! No limits, no restrictions. Place your lockers in different locations and create a network for convenient mode of getting around the city.